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Professional Development

21st Century Learning Workshops

The workshops listed are a sampling of some that I provide to various groups, large and small. Workshops can often be adapted to one-, three-, or six-hour timeframes, and workshop content can be focused on various curriculum areas. The key to successful professional development is to provide training personalized to unique groups, so please feel comfortable in suggesting adaptions of the following workshops, as well as asking about other topics. This is by no means an exhaustive list of workshops I provide!

Fees for my services are designed to be affordable to school districts without the benefit of grants.

Distance-Delivered Training

Some types of training can be conducted effectively while being delivered over distance. Face-to-face professional development can be more effective with an element of supporting follow-up sessions, which can be delivered over distance. Contact me to discuss the means we have available to provide distance-delivered training to your group.

Course Instruction

On the Course Instruction page are links to course home sites for which I have served as the instructor. I’ll be happy to work with you to develop and facilitate courses for continuing education credit. These courses are a variety of blended and asynchronous courses.


Coaching is one of the most effective methods of helping teachers become more comfortable with integrating technology into their classrooms. I can provide supportive coaching as teachers implement the use of technology in classroom projects.

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