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21st Century Learning Workshops

The workshops listed below are a sampling of some that I provide to various groups, large and small. Workshops can often be adapted to one-, three-, or six-hour timeframes, and workshop content can be focused on various curriculum areas. The key to successful professional development is to provide training personalized to unique groups, so please feel comfortable in suggesting adaptions of the following workshops, as well as asking about other topics. This is by no means an exhaustive list of workshops I provide!

Fees for my services are designed to be affordable to school districts without the benefit of grants.

Impacting the Classroom with Document Cameras and Projectors

Document cameras and projectors have enormous potential to impact the classroom! Some of the strategies used by teachers are obvious and some are hidden treasures. After attending this workshop, you'll have practical ideas to implement in your classroom right away!

Impacting Learning and Teaching from the Clouds

Spend the day in the clouds learning about free or inexpensive tools on the web which will enhance your students' 21st century learning experience. Participants will learn and explore several web tools and leave the day with practical skills and ideas to enrich 21st century teaching.

Using Web 2.0 Tools with Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy and Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy have served well as resources and guidelines for educators. Now we have Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy to guide us amid all these Web 2.0 tools. This workshop will provide guidance and exploration as we discover the right tools for the right job.

Social Networking in Administration

Until we experience it, we’re often afraid of it. Use the guidance and information in this workshop to become more comfortable with social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Learn the powerful effect that social networks can provide for administration in education.

Impacting Academic Achievement with DIASA

The Data Interaction for Alaska Student Assessments (DIASA) site provides dynamic access to student performance results of Alaska Student Assessments. This session will demonstrate how the site can be used to create reports, graphs, or data files; disaggregate scores by subgroups; drill down from summaries to data on individual students; and print reports in PDF format or export to other software programs. To access your own students' information, you will need login information from your district, but the site will be demonstrated with a demo account. Knowledge of the DIASA site is useful for teachers and administrators.

Worthy Websites

Is your website worthy of a return visit or do visitors click out of it as soon as they can, vowing to never return? Do others have an enjoyable experience while visiting your site or do they leave with a headache? Chances are your website probably falls somewhere in between these extremes. In this workshop, we’ll explore the features of a usable website and elements of good design. If you’re thinking of starting a website, you’ll leave from this workshop with a jumpstart on a fabulous site. If you already have a website, you’ll find ways to improve it or confirm your success in developing a terrific site. Join us to be inspired to create a website with impact.

Baby Steps to Using Internet Resources in the Language Arts Classroom

You’ve heard about wonderful Websites, WebQuests, podcasts, and blogs, and you know others are using them successfully in the classroom, but you still need to take baby steps to start on your own. This workshop will provide resources and information about how you can practically apply these tools in your own teaching of Language Arts without technology overload.

Do You Wordle?

Love to play with words? Would you like to learn a new way to inspire the students in your class or your peers or your staff? Wordle generates unique images based upon your chosen text. It’s very simple to use, allows more in-depth examination of text, and it’s fun, too! Experience the inspirational impact of Wordle!

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